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Renewable Energies


This activity aims to raise the participants' interest in renewable energies.

After a first theoretical part including discussion, participants carry out a series of experiments with renewable energy that demonstrate how to produce "green" electricity.

Activity duration:

  • theoretical part; 45 min
  • discussion: 30min
  • practical part: 1h15min


  • projector;
  • projection screen;
  • computer;
  • Multimedia presentation of the topic;
  • Sheet containing description of experiments;
  • Report

 The renewable energy (or alternative energy) is generated by renewable sources and therefore does not impact on the environment, either through resource depletion or CO2 emission into the atmosphere. The main alternative sources of energy are the solar, wind, hydro, biomass, tidal and geothermal energy.  



Activity instructors: Manuel Barros and Carlos Ferreira (UDE)









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