Activities | Chemistry and Biotechnology



Lava lamp
Making a lava lamp is simple! (+)

Colourful slimes
Let's make slimes (+)

Acid rain
Experiment to demonstrate the phenomenon of acid rain (+)

Coloured foam
Come and find out how you can generate a lot of coloured foam from a few millimetres of water. You only have to use some special ingredients! (+)

The devil's blood
The name "devil's blood" sounds scary ... but this is a harmless reddish solution. Come and find out how to create it! (+)

Rubber balls
Come and make a rubber ball with the aid of simple materials through a chemical reaction known as polymerization. (+)

Volcanic lava
Do you know that volcanoes expel lava! In this experiment you will build a volcano that will expel a foam that looks like lava. (+)

A rainbow worthy of a scientist
I'm sure that you have all seen a rainbow at some time in your life. In this experiment you will have the opportunity to produce your own rainbow. So, you don't have to wait for the rain or sunshine to watch this beautiful phenomenon of nature. (+)

Homemade perfume
In this activity you will be able to make your own perfume! (+)

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